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how do you fix a laptops charger input? Answered

the place where you pug the charging cord into a laptop often becomes damaged. how can you fix this and stop if from happening again?


Hi my laptol charger top is stuck in my laptop i tryed to get it out but wont work help me


3 years ago

Hi! So I tried to plug in the charger to my laptop. The piece which goes in the laptop was loose for days. Then last night I tried to plug it in and the piece that goes inside the computer broke off. I have all my docs and he on it. WHAT DO I DO!!

as you can see in this image i druw this is my proble with my laptop the gray thisg you put the charger on whine you put it in needs to be fix how do i fix it

lp fix.PNG

9 years ago

Hi! I have a problem with my charger. If it should work i have to plug it different. Sometime i have to take it in then up. Sometimes i have to put it in and then to left. Someone that know what's wrong ?????

Funny enough, I did this yesterday. My problem was that the computer only charged when I wriggled the jack around the back. Frustrated, I opened and took the laptop slowly apart (Dell Inspiron 1150). Eventually, I got to the very bottom of it *had to take everything apart - was kinda fun, I noticed that some of the connectors that held the charger socket in place and connected to the motherboard were broken *the solder was gone. I put some on there carefully, put it together and I have my computer back - fully functioning. You should do it. It gave me some ideas about modding the laptop at a later date as well. Good Luck.

make sure the board is not burnt up around the jack, then your motherboard is fried. to check if the jack/input is broken, take a ball point pen and lightly touch the pin to see if it wiggles, if it does its broken and you need to replace the WHOLE jack take it to a professional, computer repair shop. or if you really want to do it yourself, order a brand new jack for you model laptop, unsolder the old jack and solder the new on. you will have to take everything apart, you must physically take the motherboard out of the base. some laptops have power-jack boards that just connect to the laptop via pins (like an IDE HDD) and some are connected the motherboard with a wired connection.

I've had a similar problem. I think it was TimAnderson who said he opened it up and resoldered a bad connection.

Thats kinda basic to give a good answer a picture would help see what your problem is or atleast tell us how you broke it but most likely you need to replace the jack my brother has his laptop on a lapboard with his charger tied into the lapboard its longer than the laptop so it does a good job keeping it safe