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how do you fix broken digital video tape? Answered

The tape has broken off the spool on a MINI DV video tape. Need to know how to re-attach it.


if it broke from the spool, disassemble the cartridge, use clear cellophane tape to reattach the tape to the reel - front and back side (attach one side, flip the tape to the opposite side, then tape that side down) If the tape broke midway, overlay a very small section, and use a very small amount of super glue/krazy glue (ca glue by any stretch) to glue them together. You dont want exposed edges. If you splice midway thru the tape, just use it once to copy the info off the tape, then throw the tape away - not worth risking your equipment being scratched inside.

They're usually attached with a clip. Find the clip on the spool and remove it - it should be obvious how to clip the tape back in. Otherwise just use Sellotape (or similar), but make sure to wrap in the right direction. L