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how do you flatten a wine bottle? Answered

I have a number of wine bottles that I want to melt flat



Would it be possible to use a blow torch or acetylene torch to heat them up? Theres still the issue of cooling slowly but would it heat them up enough to work them?


7 years ago

They need to be brought up to the melting temp slowly, and cooled slowly. This could take several days, depending on the type of kiln used. You also need a suitable kiln shelf that the semi-molten glass won't stick to.

Soda Glass will usually soften enough to yield by around 900-1000C

You need extreme heat (rick), but as caarn says, if you don't condition them right they can end up with internal-stresses and can be very fragile.
Really, an electric kiln and some knowledge is what a person needs.


I have only seen this done in a pottery kiln Glass melts at 2600-2900 °F (1425-1600 °C) depending on its composition" That would be quite hot for a basic wood camp fire.

Charcoal with a good supply of air should get you there though.

Caarntedd's idea will work, but as he says you need to help them cool (no matter what method you use). You can also substitute the campfire with a blowtorch and directly heat and work on the glass. Metal and pressure (not impact) are the best way to work the glass.

I have only ever done this in a camp fire. Just chuck the empty bottles in the coals and keep the fire going. Eventually they get soft and workable. The problem I've found with this method though, is unless you leave them in the coals as the fire dies and slowly cools off (could take more than a day), the bottles tend to crack as they cool. Not a very controlled way to do it.