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how do you get a strap for a electric bass to not hurt your shoulder, or put less weight on your shoulder? Answered

i have had a yamaha electric bass for almost one year. every time i play it for more then ten miniutes it starts to agravate my shoulder. i play the bass for school and i have recently joined a band. it has recently gotten very bad. if i could get some help with this it would be a big help.


Sit in a chair.

Wider strap.

Add one of those lambs wool pads sold at autoparts store for shoulder belt padding.

+1. when I saw the question, I clicked so I could answer with a classic one word answer. Wider.

i agree i play the guitar and my shoulder starts to hurt after bout an hour. but add some padding

Have you tried the Y Strap?

You may be able to add aditional strap to what you have to make it similiar to the Y Strap. They are not cheap.