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how do you get movies for free on an mp4 player? Answered

I have a zen mp4 player and i wan to put full movies, tv shows, ect on it. what site is legitiment for these things?


If you just want to view these online -- with a few commercials, and in the cut-for-TV version -- try websites such as Hulu.

If you really want to download them for standalone viewing, you need to deal with the fact that recent material is still under copyright. But a lot of older material fell into the public domain before copyright was extended, and a lot of good stuff is available for either online viewing _or_ downloading at the Internet Archive website, http://www.archive.org. Old "B" movies right up to some recent semi-noncommercial animations. (I spent some time there on Thursday watching Siva Sings The Blues, an animated and somewhat silly retelling of the Ramayana, and I've been promising myself I'll watch some of the film noir entries since I like that style.)


Well, the only way that is 100% legal is using an application called "handbrake",
that will convert DVDS to mp4.
In Canada, there is no law against torrents, but I think there is one in the US.