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how do you get rid of fleas? Answered

I have a bad flea infestation. I need to get rid of the fleas from my carpets and dogs. Fleas and their eggs.



The ONLY thing that i have ever seen that actually gets rid of fleas is the product called "ADVANTAGE" that you put a few drops behind the neck of the dog. It takes a couple weeks but it DESTROYS the fleas ability to reproduce. All the other products can give you and the dog some relief temporary such as vacuuming the carpets and spraying the house. Dont give the dog a bath after applying the ADVANTAGE because you don't want to wash it off. Don't put it where the dog can LICK... that's why you place it behind his neck. It used to be you had to go to a VET to get this product. Nowadays you only need to go to petmeds.com or call 1800-petmeds and it will save you a lot of money too.. You have to know the WEIGHT of your dog before ordering, so they send you the proper dosage.

I recently had a serious problem with fleas as well, and they can be really difficult to get rid if. Here's the important thing to remember: the gestation cycle of a flea is about two weeks, meaning that's how long the eggs will sit before they hatch.

Here's what you want to do about it:

First, treat your animals with some sort of flea treatment, whether it's topically applied, ingested, or just a flea shampoo. Get your pets to the point where the fleas don't want to be on them anymore. The next day you should fumigat your house with a bug bomb that will specifically kill fleas AND flea eggs. Before you bomb get some carpet treatment and sprinkle it thoroughly on all your carpets. You might also consider getting a treatment for your yard, since that's where the fleas are coming in from. If you're looking for a natural solution, diatomaceous earth will do the trick. For your carpets you can use plain borax, which you can find in the laundry section of most stores being sold as a laundry booster. If you use it in your washer when you wash your pet's bedding it can help control the fleas in between their monthly flea treatments.

Here's the big trick to getting rid of fleas, though: once you've done all this, you need to do it all over again in two weeks.

So, in review: Treat your pets. Next day, treat your carpets, fog your house, and treat your yard. Then two weeks later do it all again. Finally, once you've gotten rid of your flea problem you need to stay on top of your pet's treatment schedule and make sure to treat then every month like clockwork, especially in the summer when fleas are at their worst.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

Flea-killing carpet/upholstery shampoo. At least two treatments will probably be needed. Consider discarding pet bedding.

Flea treatment on the dogs. If a bad case, flea shampoo, possibly multiple treatments.

Frequent manual removal of fleas, using a flea comb to remove them and a jar of water with detergent to kill the buggers.

Worked for me, but I had only one cat. (At least she was indecently patient with being shampooed.)

Better advice: Ask your vet. This is within his or her area of expertise.


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Some of those bombs were DDT foggers. Yes they really worked but they have also been banned.

REduce the humidity in the carpet and that will get rid of most of the fleas. Then you can treat the pets to get rid of the rest.

You need to hire a professional exterminator. The job might be too much for you to handle. Also they have licenses for the use of efficient chemicals that are beyond the common consumer.


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