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how do you get rid of the (change engine oil) light on a 96 corvette? Answered

the change engine oil light came on at around 100,000 mi and even disconnecting the battery does not get rid of the light.



Duct tape. Just put a piece over the light, and like magic you'll never see it again! If the car has a diagnostic port, you can buy these little gadgets that will read the diagnostic signal. Most of them will then let you cancel the signal and the light will go off. However, the light usually comes back on in a few weeks. Also, you'll fail inspection if you do this within a few weeks of going to get your car inspected :) I've done it. The best bet would be to change the oil if it's old or try to find out if a sensor has gone bad.

have you read your owners manual. If it's not in there, maybe consider phoning your local chevy dealer and asking them how to reset the oil change light. OR have a fun night of googling! woo hoo