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how do you get through skool without sleepin and without getting UBER tired? is that even possible? Answered



This is far easier said than done.  I've always been a night-owl anyhow, and I particularly had a difficult time staying awake in school as a teenager.  To further complicate matters, when I was taking Ritalin, I would crash at specific times during the day; thankfully, my teachers understood this, and the fact that my grades improved drastically allowed them to let it slide.

Recent studies have found that, during puberty, people require more sleep in order to function properly - it's not just a matter of what time you go to bed.  Scientists simply confirmed what everyone has secretly known all along: puberty is physically stressful on the body.  You're growing more, you're under the influence of wacky hormone cocktails, and it makes life difficult all around.

Some school districts put this to the test in California by starting the school day at 10:30 am instead of 9:00.  The result was overwhelmingly positive: students were paying more attention and were less disruptive in class, and test scores improved significantly.  Why this has only been implemented in a handful of schools is beyond me.

Perhaps it's the long way around, but it would be of benefit to you and your peers if you took action.  I would perform the research, get credible medical professionals in your corner, and find out the proper way to address this issue with the superintendents.  You may need petitions, but I wouldn't start there.  Build your case first, find the evidence you need, and prepare to answer questions by those who will play devil's advocate or bring opposing arguments.  You could even use this as the basis of a paper for class.

If you are prepared and your arguments are well-constructed, you might turn the tide and demonstrate to the adults that classroom sleepers aren't lazy slackers who partied too hard the night before.  You will not only accomplish something major for yourself but also bring positive change to your classmates.

NO!  If you don't sleep you get uber tired- fact of human physiology life.  You will also make very poor choices and do poor work when fatigued. 
If you must go without sleep because of forces outside of your control- enemy troops nearby, environmental disaster relief, etc- then be aware that after 18-20 hrs you will start to cycle thru periods of alertness and sleepiness,  you will crave sweets and fats (dessert type food), and become constipated. Thirst will also become an acute problem.   Stimulants (caffeine) will only help for short periods and you will soon begin to feel adverse side effects- irrational mood swings, irrational thoughts, paranoia, chills, low fever, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting.
If you continue to go without sleep you will become very ill physically- worst case scenario- you will aquire some sort of auto-immune dis-order (your body becomes allergic to itself).
Don't hurt yourself now- save it for later when you can't avoid sleep deprivation (enemy troops nearby, natural disaster, etc)

Sleeping at night will keep you from falling asleep during the day.

Doing your homework earlier in the day -- and preferably earlier in the week rather than in a last-minute panic the night before it's due -- will help you get to bed on time.

I am in grade 9, and have an average of 93%.
I go to sleep between 11 and 12 PM, and wake up at 6 every day.
I make sure I take a shower every morning, as that helps wake me up.
I eat a simple breakfast, consisting of a bowl of "Aplen" and a large glass of water. I don't have ANY caffeine on weekdays, and never any on Sunday.

-get at least 8 hr. of sleep
-eat breakfast
-do some exercises in the morning before school 

don't put your head down.... when i'm tired and i put my head down it makes  me more tired and i usually fall asleep 

Go home.  Go upstairs.  Look in your room.

See that large rectangular thing under all the soft toys and discarded clothing?

It's called a "bed".

Try using it, preferably at night, preferably before midnight.

Avoid coffee and energy drinks before you go to bed.  Have a good breakfast before you go to school, and have a decent meal at lunch time.

Just paint eyeballs on your eyelids...


Or glasses with eyeballs on the lens.

Not the ones on springs though...


you can stay up all night and bring caffeine pills to school or ask to use the bathroom and drink redbull,amp,vault,etc.

Try to get at last 8 hours of sleep a night, ALWAYS have breakfast (a proper one: cereal, eggs, etc.), and if you're still tired, caffeine pills, or coca-cola.

eat bfast and for lunch you should probably bring a caffeinated soda that is what i did for 5 grade except eat the bfast

What time do you go to bed? What time do you get up?
Do you eat a good breakfast before you go to school?
Do you eat a proper lunch?

Exactly what I wanted to ask, but you beat me to it.