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how do you grow cactus /succulents in diftwood? Answered

I have  a peice of driftwood I attached to my stone fence  and  would like to grow some cactus or succulents in it but need to know how.


If you want to grow a cactus or a succulent in driftwood, you'll need to bore out an area in the driftwood to allow a container (with drainage holes). The problem with growing directly in the driftwood is that it can hold onto water, and potentially rot out roots if the plant is not getting proper drainage.

I'm assuming that you live in a region where you can grow cacti and succulents outside, so I won't bother with you about temperatures; just make sure that the plant is getting good sunlight during the day.

Ideally during the spring/summer, the plant should get good regular watering, but allow the soil to dry between waterings. Then in the fall/winter when the plant is dormant, you want to limit the watering to every 90 days. If your area gets a lot of rain during the winter months, then just ensure that the plant can drain well or the roots can rot and the plant will surely die. If your plant is in a container inside the driftwood, you then have the option of moving it during bad weather.

Thank you so much. I live in San Antonio so cactus grow very well here. I will be sure the plants do get good drainage. I have stone wall seperaing my patio from the neighbor and had affixed the driftwood on it and had wanted to add some some greenery to it when I came up with the idea of cactus. Again thanks for the advice.

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You're welcome. I'm glad I could help. An aloe plant or another succulent would work well there too. If you need any more advice let me know, otherwise you can mark your question as "answered" by clicking on the blue button. ;-)