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how do you leave a direct link in a comment to one of your instructable in order to enter into a weekly challenge? Answered

need to leave link for a weekly challenge but do not know how. I can only copy the link address and then  post it in the comment. Can anyone help?


Clickable hyperlinks are enabled through the 'rich editor', a function that comes with Pro Membership.

For entering the Weekly Challenges, just putting the url (web address) is enough.


I am not pro and I have access to the Rich Editor button. See?


  • œ,  ⇔,  µ, 
    • ©,  ®, 
  • ¢,  £,  ¥,  ¤, 

¼,  ½,  ¾,  ¿, 

  • ♦,  ►,  ª,   ¶
And soit goes.

That's what they want.

ok, but when I add it to the comment it does not come up orange like the others and you cannot click on it to get to the instructable.