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how do you make a boom bag? Answered

the bags that make a big boom



For a really, really loud bang, you need oxyacetylene.

  • Find somebody with an oxyacetylene welder or cutting tool, and use the unlit gas to fill a plastic bag.
  • Tie off the bag, and attach a long strip of paper as a fuse.
  • Take the bag to a wide, empty space.
  • Light the end of the paper and run like buggery.

Years ago, I did this with some factory engineers who had a spare bin-bag and a little too much free time during the working day - the police received reports of the explosion from a couple of miles down the valley.

Yesterday i learned in school you guys were our allies but never really helped too much during WWII, just said, eh, we'll stay out of this one...

Koolaid, where are you from?

You need to seriously question the teacher who told you that Britain stayed mostly out of the war and din't do much to help.

Britain was involved from the start - we declared war on Germany Spetember 1st, 1939. The US did not become properly involved until December 7th, 1941 (you may have heard of it, it was a movie). We were involved right to the bitter end - 60% of the troops at the start of Operation Overlord were British and Imperial (Canadian).

You'll be claiming next that US troops acquired the first Enigma machine...

But stayed out of the war mostly because Great Britain was isolated from parts most of Europe by water, and at one point had it to where everybody had to drive with no lights and have black curtains so bombers couldn't see.

A much louder but the "same" is when you put a piece of carbide in hydrogen peroxide it will react as this equalization shows:

CaC2 + 2H2O2 = Ca(OH)2 + O2 + C2H2
CaC2 + 2 H2O = Ca(OH)2 + C2H2

So it will produce a lot of acetylene and some oxygen. The mixture of this two gas is sensitive to pressure and if you make this in a bottle, than you can get a really effective voice grenade.

And one thing: don't stand close to this, because it is louder than a normal pyrotechnic and when it explodes, than you can get covered with hydrogen-peroxide what is not so good.


9 years ago

blow air into and quickly seal it retaining most of the air, place on ground and stomp on it...BANG!!