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how do you make a duck call? Answered

I would like to make a duck call, i just want to see if i can do it.




6 years ago

If you gently step on one you might quack it.

You could give a duck a phone but I don't know if they can makes calls because they don't have fingers to push the buttons.

Who do you want it to call? Maybe you can do it for them. If you check the bands on their legs you can find out their numbers.

Many ducks are antisocial with people. Its because they have lost so many close relatives in the barbecue.

You do not know what im talking about, that flew right over your head. Its for hunting, if you go on google and type on duck calls you will know what im talking about.

I actually know very well what you are talking about. I live in rural Montana. A friend of mine has the back of his trucked filled with Canada geese decoys. And by the way, Its better if they fly off to the side and not overhead. People who shoot straight up overhead often only do it once.

If you go on Google you might even get an answer to your question. But hey, maybe that just flew right over your head.

I think you've misidentified which head got flown over.

This guy knows what he's doing.... Its a little old school, but the guy is a World Champion Duck Caller, so if you can't learn how to make a duck call from him I'm afraid you probably won't at all. :-)

First i must say you have gotten a couple of poor responses. This is not how the community typically replies to questions. So don't be discouraged by those few individuals who think they are funny when you are asking a serious question.

Secondly welcome to the site and i hope you stick around.

Now on to your question.... Have you tried an internet search or even the search bar here on the site? If you edit your question here and add the duck call to your key words the bar on the right hand side of the page here will list related instructables. Then you might find what your looking for.

Give it a phone, and send it a message asking it to reply.