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how do you make a flying machine? Answered

I've been trying to make something that I can send up into the air. on this thing, I want to be able to send up either a camera, a set of solar powered LED's , or a sound device. any other ideas would be of help. -thanks


Have a poke about for "rockets", "hot air ballons" and "model aeroplanes"

Don't forget kites (easier to retrieve and direct...if you can get the !@#$%&*() thing in the air)

OK here get about six black trash bags cut off the bottoms then tape them together so you have a long tube seal off one end fill it up all the way with air then seal the other end now after you have sealed it you can add trinket to the run offs of each sealed side add lights or a camera or what ever when the sun is over head the black tube now will draw in heat heating the air in side causing it to expand now you have a solar U.F.O I am sure you can change it a bit now with the main idea and build what you need your want jockperie peace

u could just attach one of those things to a balloon. :)