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how do you make a group? Answered

im in a awsome group but  i want to make my own group 



Click 'Submit Instructable' in the top right corner, then click create group!

Also, pretty much all the functionality is gone now. I can't add instructables to any of my groups anymore - not even ones I've written.

I'd think you should be able to - it sounds "faulty".


All I see in the "author options" box on my own instructables is "add to contest" and the "groups" box is now gone completely.

in the bottom left theres a group of six buttons, press the one that says "Start a new group"

I don't see how this has anything to do with my issues, which is that I can't add anything to my existing groups that I manage.

Bottom left of what? There is no such "group of six buttons" in any page or tab I've looked at on instructables since the redesign and UI changes.

Instructables are still not able to be added to groups.

Unless you have to group it when you publish?


(I don't use groups, but I did look)

No, it does not exist as an option anymore.

do what flannel said then just make a group like you would this question its basically the same thing the topic might be different though but before you make a group make sure there is not one that is already dedicated to the topic you want the group to be about.

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