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how do you make a knex human hamstar ball? Answered

I would like to get in one out of knex!


Just like Kiteman said, its not a simple as just building a ball.

The pressure put on the knex would just simply snap. This means that you would need it to be a few layers/inches thick, and at that, to fit a human in, would be very hard and time consuming.

How many pieces on average do you have? I would think this idea would take somewhere between 15,000-40,000 pieces.

I think the answer is "You can't. The parts just aren't made for that kind of load."

Best judgement based on having seen the parts and knowing a bit about the materials. Feel free to prove me wrong.

I think you are right.

But knex can be made strong. I have made a knex chair.

Big enough to support a human's weight?

A simple sphere won't cut it - the connections would pop and the parts would be twisted.

You'll have to look into geodesic structures, to construct spheres-within-spheres, as cross-connected as possible.

Probably possible, but you're looking at tens of thousands of pieces.