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how do you make a nerf grappling hook(easy)? Answered

I'm using the nerf with the laser pointer thing on the front.I took that off cause that doesn't have a purpose in a grappling hook. below is the gun I am using


okay, first get a decent size of rope and take your nerf blaster apart. then after on the inside tie it on the part where it launches the nerf darts (not the trigger) this means it will be able to launch the rope. now to make the hook. make it out of paper clips or maybe one of the hooks that have 3 hooks attatched to it. when you decide, tie it on the rope that is sticking out of the blaster. i forgot to mension that you have to put the gun back toegether when you are done moding it. now, you are done. just pull the back and push the trigger like you would when you shoot a dart.i hope this works.

sure, ill make an instructable for it. i may use a different nerf blaster unnless i can find the same one you used as a picture that i lost. this might take a while to post because i really want to use that one.

done it so easy doesnt soot to high tho

If you are speaking in miniature terms, someone with avery similar name to mine hans an instructable for one. Evilkidjr

ok first you'll have to mod it and second it will have to be a small grappling hook mabey using paper clips