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how do you make a paper plate float over a fan? Answered

I've been trying to make my Legos float on a plate!



 Thats quite a challenge, the reason you can get a ball to float over a fan is because air hits the round surface and is diverted to the sides. Because it is a sphere it will naturally find the center of the airflow so there is and equal amount of air force flowing around it.

A paper plate is generally flat and the path of least resistance is to slip off the side of the airflow. Like ztevo suggested, you could place a weight hanging from the center of the plate, but even then it would be extremely hard.

what about spinning it i've seen a toy that does it like that using a magnet attached to a spinning top i need to give you a visual of it to explian the concept better. the links right here.

 You very well could try, the problem, besides getting it to work, is the lego is spinning too. The magnets are a pretty good idea though. It would be very easy to get it to levitate with some manets...

The odds of centering a paper plate just so, and not having the fan wobble/fluctuate in strength are too slim to realisitically float a paper plate freely on.
You could defenatly tie it down from two points, punch a hole in it and use some loose string.  Is the fan strong enough to keep it up with the leggos on it?
Might I ask why you want to make leggos float on a plate? :P
...not that there's anything wrong with that :)

the fan is strong enough to hold the legos
I'm doing this because I've had nothing to do with the Legos


8 years ago

It is very easy to float an inflatable ball like a beach ball over a fan,   a plate would be difficult but could be done by turning the plate upside down and hanging a weight from a string in the middle of the plate or from 4 point on the plate,  think parachute,  balancing the leggos would be very hard.

put a beach ball over the fan  that is really cool to see.