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how do you make a real katana ? Answered



Maybe I can help. Here's a few good sites, though brief:


I've often asked myself the same question, and I found that this is one of the best resources:
The Craft of the Japanese Sword (Leon Kapp, Hiroko Kapp, and Yoshindo Yoshihara, ISBN-10: 087011798X, ISBN-13: 978-0870117985)

It is ridiculously thurough and sheds a crapload of light on just about everything. Trust me, you want to know, go with this.

I agree with Autumn thunder, however, be forewarned, i am a journeyman smith. I have forged many things, and have nowhere near the skill needed to forge a battle grade katana. the master smiths of Japan train their entire lives to make these swords. good luck. you'll need it.

very carefully lol

MMMMM...I love katana. The rice with the vinegary flavor, and the little pickle in the center? Wonderful! Especially with wasabi sauce-but you have to alternate with soy sauce to keep the flavor. You start with iron ore sand, smelt that together and pick out the bits that are right for the different parts of the sword. Some of the 'melt' will be high carbon, some low. Now forge weld the right bits into a larger billet. Then forge weld the billets into a sandwich. Now shape the billet without overheating it or forgetting which side is which. Don't put a curve on it-that happens in hardening. Pre-polish with a one tooth file (sen). Harden by coating with several layers of clay paste in the right thickness or it won't work : ( Big fire, very hot, this is where even master smiths in japan loose something like 1 in 3. Polish with stones down to the size of a postage stamp and about as thin.

you can't unless you're a Japanese blacksmith!?