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how do you make a water wheel? Answered


I'm soon to move into a property with a rather nice stream running through it. At times it can be quite fast flowing.

I thought it would be grat to make an electricity generating water wheel, but don't know where to start.

It's not very deep but i can modify it.

Any ideas?



8 years ago


thanks i'll take  look

maybe a wind turbine would be better - it's quite a shallow stream

It's the head (height) of water that makes the difference, the energy comes from gravity.
You could build a little "mill-pond", and a little mill with sluice-gates and a wheel - but how much building would you be prepared to do?


Take a round, shallow bowl with vertical sides, such as a flan dish.

Fill the dish with water, stand a pen-cap in the centre and place in the freezer overnight.

The next morning, turn the disc of ice out of the dish, slide the pen-cap out of the centre, and put a kebab skewer through the hole.

Voilà!  A water wheel!

(I'll get my coat)

I'm watching "Planet Mechanics" right now and they're building a waterwheel, check out the planet green website......

.  Lots of variables. Try searching for
waterwheel design
waterwheel design +"low head"
then ask some specific questions.
.  A turbine or screw may be a better option.