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how do you make a wifi extender? Answered




6 years ago

You can either use a repeater/extender (basically a 2nd router which repeats the 1st routers signal), or you can try an antenna. I could extend my wifi reach greatly using a DIY-biquad antenna.
It may even be sufficient to just get a usb wifi dongle for your PC which has an externel antenna (in my case, the external usb dongle could pick up my wifi better, and it also provided the .n standard for wifi which supports greater speeds than wifi of the standard b/g).
If you just want to extend your wifi range for mobile devices (like an iPod), try the program connectify on a PC. This allows to use your PC as an accesspoint repeating your regular wifi signal. I used this to extend the somewhat weak wifi signal I had from my 3g modem. Now that I use a regular 3g router with .n standard, I use it to run my PC remotely from my iPad.

You can set up a router with custom firmware to do just that. When you set it up, your wireless clients will run at half normal speed, and wired ones will run at full speed. So if you normally get 800kb/s, you will get ~400kb/s from the repeater.

Check out this link.  I am running a router with dd-wrt v24 on it to do exactly what you want, and it's working great.


Just be aware that flashing the firmware is risky and you could end up bricking your router.  My advice is do all the reading you can before you start.  I spent about a week reading and researching before I actually set it up.

Also, this isn't a portable solution.  It's designed to be semi permanent.

Clarify please, and give us some I formation. What's your skill level? What can you do? Programming experience? Clarify please