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how do you make an EMP? Answered

how can you make a little EMP, only strong enough to disrupt (not destroy) electronics? i would be nice if re-usable, or pocket size.



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I have made mini EMP's before..

grab a tube of some sort(preferably not metal) wrap copper wire from one end to the other and connects the ends of the wire.
put a firecracker in the middle of the tube(possibly with a fuse sticking out of a small hole) and put a strong neodymium magnet on each side of the firecracker.
light it and run
but be careful pieces of the tube can come flying at you or you could get hit by the magnets flying out of the tube's ends

lf you take two magnets and put like poles together they will repel each other.

Question, can magnets be used to deflect an emp?

HEY everone....see i know how to make and emp...but the main dumb problem is that i. Am using a 400wv, 1000uf capacitor instead the disposable one and so cant charge that capacitor.....It would be DAMN NICE if someone told me how the heck should i create a CHARGIN CIRCUIT for the 400wv, 1000uf capacitor........THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.

there are people who made a special device in large numbers around here, around the WK football. it wasn't an EMP, but it shot out every signal capable of shutting a television of. for around 25 €, you can put every television out, and watch the 'probably outrageous' reactions!

That's probably a 'tv-b-gone', which is just a remote control putting out an 'off' signal. There's a couple of instructables on how to make or boost them. An EMP is a very strong radio pulse that induces an electrical charge on any long conductor (like an antenna or power cord). You can see something similar when you run an old blender or vacuum and you get static on the TV or radio. It's a result of the arcing in the brushes. Unless you have access to gigawatts of electricity, you aren't going to get enough power transferred to cause any damage or effect.

WHAT! There small battery powered small E.M.P. devices that can scramble things like phones and calculators and other devices that size plus there pocket size.

No, those are interference devices. They broadcast a signal that confuses the signal the phone would usually receive or send out a signal strong enough to overpower the regular one. An EMP creates a pulse of radio waves in a wire (antenna) strong enough to fry electrical components.

I live in gernany. I want to ask if you can Build me an EMP with that i can only destroye a human Chip implantat. Does this go whith the soleoid EMP. I only want to destroye the Chip implantat. Perhaps you can give me a exactly Description for it with normal Things who everyone have at home. Are you a expert. I would Pay you much if you can Build me a human Chip implantat destroyer. But it don t have to bring me to death or damage others Things. Only my Personal Radius. Perhsps s rfid Killer would be bettet in my Case. I think you know it bettet. I would Pay you much for a safty Constitution. Give me please fast an answer it is very emergency. I would be very thanksful for you help

That's a TV be gone i need to get around to building one.


4 years ago

what about an emp that can destroy a calculator, r/c car or helic or smthn

I make pocket ones that disrupt and not fry I used it in class on a projector nonstop(i sit next to the cart)and the lesson was cancelled HOW TO MAKE get camera flash thingys and a AA u will need 6 electrolytic capacitors and a button.keep them in a case(i use altoid cases)hook them up and hook a coil on the case exterior. Once the capacitors charge discharge them quickly to send the blast.

Hey im really interested in the emp can u send me pics on how to make it at Exman283@gmail.com

I have built a few coils for various purposes, would you have any idea which may be best?
-A short (3/4"), multilayered coil over an old magnet wire spool
-A 4 or 5 inch single layer coil
-A 4 or 5 inch multilayer coil
-A short single layer coil on a magnet wire spool

I wanna get the best metaphorical "bang" for my work :3

From what I understand, it's really "coil density" that does the trick. The multilayer coil that is 4/5 inch is bigger, and it has a higher density, so I think that'll do it. Of course, if you are decent at soldering and you have a bunch of electronics to test it on, then you can do some tests at different ranges with each.

This sounds really great for making small EMPs. Ive got most of the stuff needed, but I would appreciate it if you could elaborate exactly how it all fits together in the altoid case.


5 years ago

I would like to have a very small emp device. I am willing to pay for all the expenses. Please let me know if someone can help.

ok I know this is cheating but if you have not been here yet check out this site http://www.amazing1.com/emp.htm it has kits and everything

You can take a disposable camera f;ash, or link several in series, and attach this to an electromagnetic coil. You could probaby use very fine wire to make the coil. Such a device will probably wreck a phone or something at close range. You can also use them to short out rfid tags in passports and such.
This method is even fairly safe! No explosives...

To increase the capacitance you have to connect them in series.
Capacitors in series are added together using this formula:

capacitance formula.png

To increase the capacitance you have to connect them in *parallel*.
in series use the above formula

You lost me with the whole camera flash thing. how is that going to send out a pulse?

The electricity from the flash capacitor will go through the coil, creating an electromagnetic pulse. Depending on your coil size the effect probably wont be very powerful or large, but as stated above it could wreck a modern digital device at close range.

ok well this sounds like something i wanna do! haha well how smal should the wire be and how big should the coil be... or like what? i have some 30 gauge enamel-covered solid-conductor copper wire wud that work??

wow your Idea is a lot like mine I'm also using disposable camera flash circuits but I'm having troble

large HV (~240V) capacitor bank (bigger the better) and a huge coil, once again, bigger the better (to a point) and air core it if you want range, iron/ferrite core it for short range but more devestatating

so basically an electro magnet type setup, but with all the charge being released at once, an on a larger voltage, as opposed to a steady 9v current for an electromagnet?

simple: nuclear weaponry

i said little, nuclear weaponry creates an EMP, but the blast destroys everything anyway.

unless its detonated in the high atmosphere or space, where the blast is useless, but the EM waves continue on, gamma being the shortest wavelength therefor oing farthest... i think xD

1. Get very far away, wrap your iPod and phone in aluminum foil. In a ridiculously short period of time: 2. Connect a very large capacitor bank to a thick copper coil housed in an electrically isolated conductive cylinder. 3. Detonate a high-explosive core (over which the coil fits like a sleeve) at one end. The high current passing through the copper coil creates a strong magnetic field, the moving explosion in the middle of the coil shorts the coil against the housing. This moving short circuit in the coil compresses the aforementioned magnetic field, eventually leading to the much desired electromagnetic pulse. As for finding detailed assembly instructions, I wish you the best of luck. (Info from howstuffworks.com)

You don't have any idea what you're talking about, do you?

Did I miss the part where you gave a more accurate answer?

No, that part never existed, except in my head. A long time ago.

He got it a bit wrong, but he's talking about a HERF gun.

well, i have the opportunity, the chance, the money, the guts, and everything to buy an Ipod an a phone, but i don't have/want them. i've aready searched howstuffworks, but this is still the most useful. thanks.

You get a magnetron out of a microwave, but I don't remember how to make it directional nor how to stop it microwaving your guts. I know it's possible though.

well, to stop it from microwaving your 'genitals', just make underpants out of aluminium foil. but indeed, i can use a microwave....