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how do you make batch file games like tetras/Mario? Answered

how do you create a batch file that has things like tetras, mario, a calculator, trivia, jokes, Ect.?


go onto a website called batchfilegames.webs.com. there, you can learn batchscript and feel comfortable with batchscript oncemore. you can also download movement stimulator v4. this'll help you with your mario like game.

Computers are extremely fast a performing simple calculations, and are really bad at performing complex calculations -- what you have to do is break your game up into 'rules' that the computer can follow. You need to break everything down to a calculation or series of calculations that make your final program or game.

The way you give these instructions is in what is called a programming language. It's halfway between what humans read as instructions, and what computers read as instructions. It's specific commands that are both human readable and computer executable. The most powerful constructs and functions in computer languages are in my opinion:
variables -- "this word equals three", like "pi = 3.142". Then you can do all sorts of math with the word 'pi' and the computer will treat it like the number. Like algebra. You can also change the value of variables by their name...
if -- 'if this do that, otherwise, do something else' -- these allow computers to decide what piece of code comes next based on the input. the piece of code it chooses will decide the output.
loop -- 'do this command x number of times' or 'do this command until x happens'
This is the true workhorse of the computer. It lets you write one piece of code and subtlely change it each time it executes to perform trillions of calculations. For example, you can loop, each time changing a variables value then do some math on that variable.

Things like 'calculator TI basic' are really easy to use, but very slow. Languages like assembly or C are much less human-friendly but very easy for a computer to execute.

To make a program, you need a set of design constraints that have input and output. Different languages have different levels of human readability. Generally the easier it is for the human the harder it is on the computer, and slower.
There are plenty of programming guides out there, I don't aim to replicate their instructions - just search 'beginner programming tutorial' and you'll surely find some neat stuff.

one problem with this: I don't trust myself to be able to do things in batch anymore.

Then, the root of your problem is not programming, its psychology.

You don't.