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how do you make cornstarch packing peanuts? Answered

I want to make filigree beads with polymer clay and it says to use cornstarch peanuts as the core and then after baking dissolve the peanuts in water.  I know how to make cornstarch modeling clay but I don't think it would be the same ingredients.


Start with frozen corn and a blender...


that doesnt make sense. cornstarch already exists why does this want you to start with actual corn.

Thanks, I am going try this and it just so happens I bought some cheese cloth recently. Cool.

I don't think you're supposed to make them, but to purchase (or recycle) them.

wIm trying to understand what that means. Not supposed to make them...

If you're an artist, you want to MAKE them. Besides, 'beads' doesn't always translate to 'round thing.' I, too, want the recipe.

Well these people say this works - I don't honestly know


I would assume they should be aerated and would experiment with adding baking powder to the mix and perhaps a little vinegar to aerate

Alternatively you could turn to your favorite corn based snack food. Carefully pare the snacks into the round shape you need and use that.