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how do you make flower hair bows? Answered



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actually, that will just make it stick up funny.... you want to make it flat... so you need to take apart the silk flowers... discard the hard plastic centers, so all that you have left are the petal circles. use either tacky glue or hot glue to put them back together. if you use hot glue, make sure you use the hotter temperature setting on your glue gun, and also the glue for this setting.  choose anything you wanna glue the flower on, (some examples are: flip flops, metal or plastic hair clips, or head bands, you can even glue them onto pins to pins a shirt, belt, pants, or bag.  also, you can add ribbon on the top half of the clip (top and bottom of it) to hid the clippy. hope this makes sense.  here is my FAVORITE website for making hair bows:


 Cut the stems off of some plastic (vinyl, pvc, silk, whatever the hell they're made of) flowers, and hot glue some cheap, plain dollar store hair clips on the back.