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how do you make it look like your in a pitcher booth.? Answered

how do you make it look like you got your pitcher from a pitcher booth.? like the ones at the mall nd stuff.?



If you mean the automatic self-portrait machines: Sit in front of a curtain, use a fairly wide-angle lens (proper portrait lens would be 100mm, but I'm sure they're using something shorter given the limited space), shoot with flash diffused down from about 30-45 degrees dead front... Basically, go look at the booth you're trying to reproduce, and build an equivalent.

Or are you asking how to put multiple pictures on a single strip of paper? If so, almost any image editing tool can be used to build the composite image; then print it onto suitable paper using a good inkjet printer.

Or did you have some other question entirely?

1) Hire an actor
2) Rent a baseball uniform
3) Build a booth
4) ...
5) PROFIT!!!

Not knowing what these things at the mall are, that gives me a better idea.