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how do you make magneticboots? Answered

ive been trying to figure out for a while now on how to make magnetic boots. they cant be to strong that you cant pick up your feet but yet they can be to light to make you not wana stick.




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This solution only works for adult women of the high heel persuasion.
A magnetic chuck boot heel is activated mechanically.
Well... yess it could be made man sized foot size wise :)
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Electromagnets. BIG electromagnets, driven with a considerable amount of current. Try not to let the waste heat from the coils set the boots on fire.

Unless you used superconductors....then you have very cold feet.....

I would go with electromagnets in the toe and heel (the strongest you can get away with) and put a pressure pad on the inside heel. When you lift your foot the pressure pad releases and the magnets die allowing you to move freely, when you put you foot down the pressure pad closes, the magnets activate and you are secure to the (steel) floor.