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how do you make the Brain Gate (chip implanted in the brain) wireless? Answered

im trying to make a machine called Brain Gate wireless. its basically a chip implanted in the brain, which picks up the information sent out by the brain and sends it to a computer where it is decoded and changed into the desired action (its used by people with ALS or who are paralyzed). im trying to figure out how to make it wireless. if anyone could help me that would be great!


Same way you'd make anything wireless. You need a transmitter and receiver. Then you need some way to code the data to be sent and a way to decode the data on reception. for someone who can make a Brain Gate that shouldn't be too difficult.

I'm wondering if he/she will need instructions on how to do the implantation too.

That is the easy part, you get your power drill and some ice cubes, and a 1/4 inch bit. Whack the person in the head with the bag of ice cubes, drill a hole in an inconspicuous spot, insert the chip and plug the hole with a chunk of chewing gum.

What flavor gum did you use?

Spearmint, keeps things nice and minty smelling.

The really hard part is getting the batteries in the hole and then changing them every week.

LOL... Oh wow... I had the worst flashback of Hannibal Lecter opening up Ray Liotta's head. (thanks)...

Oh btw, don't forget the Fava Beans and Chianti. ;)

You could also pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster for help. You are asking about wireless communication, under the subject of biotechnology. Seems as though a person designing chips, to interface directly with the brain, should probably already have a grasp, if only tenuous, on wireless technology. Baby steps my friend, baby steps.

Are you sure praying would help? It reminds me of a joke I heard... A blonde girl named Stephanie prayed to God to win the lottery, she pleaded with desperation, on hands and knees for God to allow her to win the lottery. The next day after having not won, she prayed again, this time even more emphatic that she needed divine intervention, but again, she does not win. The third night she prayed once more, but this time God spoke to her and said "Stephanie, work with me girl... Buy a lottery ticket..."

Is this question for real? Who's brain are you going to transplant this in?

Do you have facilities, legal right or the skill necessary?

Even animal experiments need government sanctions in most countries.

When this was first done in the late 1960s, the "wireless" comms was done by induction.

Your problem, apart from minor details like FDA approval is that you have very low transmission power available, so your antenna design needs to have a very high gain, which makes it directional.

Please write a good Instructable on the fabrication and implantation aspects.

+1 That I would like to see. Plus it would make a good instructable for the "Make it Real" Contest. ;)