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how do you personalize your personal photo? i only have a blank head and everybody else has something else. Answered

the photo picture you see when you comment or sombody else comments next to your name


yes thats the same with me ....... fist u have to click on u then click on change image then look at ur documents and upload the pic

oh thanks seanex! i finally made my self a jellyfish!

Select "You" to get to your profile. Select Image Library and upload the picture you want to use.  Go back up to You and select Settings. Click on the link next to Photo and select that image,

When you are logged in up in the orange bar there is a button "customize".  Click that and that takes you to a page where there are some white tabs.  Pick the one labeled "settings".  Click that.  Then click the tab labeled "profile images".  

Now all you have to do is upload your image.