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how do you program a car radio? Answered

i need to program my car radio because when i cut my car off and turn it back on my cd's start on number 1 each time and my radio stations don't stay programmed.



My radio comes on the sound goes up and down never loud its like radio cutd off and on

Sounds like your 'always on' power wire has been cut, or a fuse has blown -- so the radio forgets everything when the ignition turns off. Check your wiring.

Or it was misinstalled with both power wires going to switched power because someone didn't realize why the second power source was needed.

As a course of action, I agree, knowing whether it ever worked or not helps greatly ;)

There are usually a couple of power wires. In my experience the yellow goes to the battery, or wherever you have a permanent +12v. Make sure you have a fuse connected. The red goes to ignition or accessories +12v (fused again, can't have too much protection if you aren't sure what you are doing). That seems to be the most common set up that I have encountered, but there are some different combinations around. I have seen blue used for the permanent + and yellow for other things. Pull the stereo out and see if the wiring is labelled (it often is) or there might be a diagram stuck on top of the unit. Whoever installed the unit may have joined the red and yellow together to make the job easier, or just connected them to the wrong power sources.