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how do you re-paint wrought iron furniture to keep the rust away? Answered

I have just paid to have the deck furniture re-painted by a car painter, and the rust is already forming, The tops and forms are expanded metal. Waht can I do?


steel wool it down, then use rust-oleum. i think it comes in a clear-coat.


9 years ago

i painted my iron railings with rustoleum and it worked great. you just have to take a steel brush to it or sand it to get the rust off first.

that's what rustoleum was designed for... use that?

That "Automotive Painter" should quit his job. He obviously neglected to sand away ALL the existing rust from the metal. It all needs to be removed down to the bare metal or it will continue to form under the paint. As someone who paints cars, he off all people should know this. Or he just found the whole task to be a waste of his time and didn't take the necessary steps to get the job done right.

If you have "just" had it done, get the original painter back in - he has not done the job properly, and should fix it for free or give you a refund.

If he refuses, you should contact your local Trading Standards Institute or Better Business Bureau, depending where you are.