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how do you 'refill' ink tape for a typewriter? Answered

i bought an old typewriter and i can't find any new ink tape, any ideas to re-use the old tape?


soke it in india ink. thats what i do for mine.

. You can give them a few squirts of WD-40 (it doesn't take much; experiment) and place in a plastic bag for a few days. The print will be slightly less dark than a new ribbon.
. Or buy a ribbon reinker.

any place in the Netherlands i could get a ribon reinker? and what is WD-40? BTW:i already have a temporary solution, but for the next time it's up i really need to do something 'bout it... now i have just placed the ribbon upside down, to use the other half

. I have no idea where to get anything in NL. I'd try computer and office supply stores. Google is your friend.
. WD-40. If not available in NL, it's just a very light oil. Often called "penetrating oil" in the US.