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how do you repair a drimel ,shaft does not turn? Answered

i got a used single speed drimel,when i turned it on every thing seemed fine,and when i put alittle pressure on it .it stopped spinning.i'm not sure what part connects the motor shaft to the main shaft?


I had a Dremel where the motor spun normally but the output shaft didn't budge. When I took it apart, I found that the output shaft was coupled to the motor shaft with a slightly flexible, splined silcone-rubber tube to dampen vibrations. It had gotten old and dry and disintegrated, so there was no attachment between the motor and the output. I parted that one out (other things borked too), but if yours has the same problem, a short bit of appropriately-sized plastic tubing from the hardware store should fix it -- it'll deform to fit into the splines.

Dremels are pretty easy to take apart; remove the motor brushes, take out a few screws and the case splits in half. Watch for any little springs that might pop out.

Sounds like you all-ready fixed your Dremel.
I was able to use a segment of shrink tube to tighten the split cracked spur shaft on my Dremel.
It is obvious to me that Dremel designers could use a more robust spur shaft material.


I agree ,the part i was lookin for desintegrated.

Even better...Dad decided it was time to upgrade to a newer model. :P

Remember to save the old one. If nothing else the motor brushes almost certainly will fit, and depending on which models, you might also have a source for replacement switches, brackets, bearings, etc.

Nice Dad.
I have a brother-inlaw called Ziggy.



7 years ago

I doubt you will get much useful information with the sketchy description of the specific tool you have and the problem you encountered.
Go HERE and see if you can find the answers you need.



7 years ago

Happened to me. You text like you broke it, but you didn't say if there was any after sound from the motor or smell or if once unplugged, if you could hand spin the out-shaft or not ?