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how do you reset or remove power on password for ibm z60m Answered


Why did you set one, or doesn't the thing belong to you? Need a bit more information here.


Actually, the laptop  is my daughters, she put the power on password on to keep others from using it.  She brought it to me last week saying, "daddy I dont remember the password." I asked her how she had been using it and come to find out it has been at her friends house for the past two months and she just got it back.

Right. Half of the "yours-or-not" relates to whether taking it apart it a good idea, and if you can prove ownership. Since you probably bought it new, I'd try customer service first. If you've got any original paperwork left there should be contact details in there somewhere.
Otherwise try the web
If IBM can't fix you come back.


IBM Service can do this. They REALLY don't like distributing the instructions, and I can't blame them; that would compromise everyone's security.

Note that if you have set a disk password rather than just a power-on password, they will probably tell you to either remember it or replace the disk.

You can have security, or you can have convenience.