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how do you set a snap? Answered

I'm not sure how to set a snap into leather using  glove snaps. They have 4 parts.



I believe they set like rivets or grommets. A backing piece goes through a hole in the fabric, the male or female snap part fits over that, and the two are crimped or swaged together to anchor them to each other clamping the fabric between them.

Details may vary somewhat depending on exactly which snaps you've got, but that's usually the general idea.

Seconded. Generally all the ones I've seen have a crimp plier, or a hammer/mandrel to set the 2 halves of each 'half' of the overall connector.

If you buy a kit it usually comes with a hole punch as well.

You'll need the kit for the size/kind you're using.  You can buy them at fabric/sewing stores for like $3 or something.  Just take the snaps in with you and ask for what you need.