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how do you stop the glass reflection using an ir camera that is shooting through glass a couple inches away. Answered

my dash-cam in the car  has no problem, the video comes out fine.   it may be 6 inches away from the windshield.  i tried the same camera in my 1960's  apartment door peephole. The outside glass is about 2 inches square . i want to be able to make a wifi or net cam to be able to see who is at the door via the  monitor. i get a  big  reflection from the glass that is an inch  or two away.?
i tried the another camera at a friends house, shooting through the small windows by the door, same reflection.  some kind of anti glare coating or film ?
thank you


The light striking the lens or glass before the lens maybe catching an exterior light , in the movies we use a 'flag" technnical term for light cutter made out of a wire frame covered with black cloth non reflective , however you may use anything BLACK not shinny to block that light from striking the lens and sureley your problems will go away the problem is where to set that light cutter or simply move that light hitting the lens and you are ready to work in the movies as a "gaffer" .

Great Question. The IR may be reflecting off Peek hole glass straight
back into the camera lens. However, through the windshield, the glass
is at an other than perpendicular angle to the line of sight of the
camera. This is similar to throwing a ball straight at a wall that is
perpendicular or angled to the trajectory of ball. This question
inspires me to experiment with housing a camera with angled windows.


If you put the camera in a box with one side missing then press that box up against the glass it should eliminate light and hence reflections......

Perfect answer.  It might be easier to use dark cloth though.  Think of the old timey view cameras where the photog was under a dark cloth.  What he was doing was eliminating the light so he could see the ground glass.

 i will have to try that,  i ran into anotherr problem, i had it broadcasting  using 2.4  wireless and  i saw it was interfering with at least one of my wifi laptops. So will try a wireless internet camera, or try and  make a ethernet cable mod  that would open with the door.  Internet would be better overall, as i could see who is at the door via multiple hardware, plus the recent arduino twitter hacks would also be useful. 
i  don't want to remove the glass, it would be too noticeable, as it is now the glass is slightly tinted. If people see a camera and they want to  do nefarious things, they just  pull up the  hoodie
it is a dashcam, it works fine shooting through a windshield mounted on the dashboard or up high by the roof lining, at the same distance  i am trying through the peephole.  I guess the laminated windshield has anti glare coating, even with  modified  high power led dome lights on, i don't  have a problem with a reflection. 
i probably didn't explain it correctly, the inside portion of the peephole is all removed, so it is just a   square  hole in a metal  door with a 2 inch piece of glass on the hallway side.  the inside part of the assembly is all removed.  it also covered an old worn out inaudible  spring chime doorbell  which i replaced with a battery  powered wireless doorbell.
covering  the whole thing up with a blackout curtain  sounds like it should work and that should also  work at the other location with the other surveillance camera.  i could then make a  box to cover them both .
You cant  leave them aaccessible to theft or vandals, so keeping them inside can be better, especially if the proper  position  and angle is low and reachable/stealable. 

On most wifi routers you have several channels to choose from.  Try switching the channel in the setup page and see if the interference goes away.

Why not just take the glass out of the peephole?

You either want to position the cam' such that it works with the lens(es) on your door, or forget that and use it for what it's good at and don't try to work it through the door - mount it somewhere else.