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how do you suggest a contest idea ? Answered

How & where do you go about suggesting a contest idea ?   mary ann


Hi! I love to see the contest entries and find them so interesting and creative. I would love to see more instructables on here about projects made with sergers. I would really love to see a Serger Contest for items made strictly with a serger. I realize you wouldn't want to give a serger as a prize, but an embroidery machine or a gift card to a fabric store would be an awesome prize for someone with a serger. Just a thought, but one I would love to see on here. :) Thanks for your time.

Don't sergers (overlockers) just work the edge of fabric?

There are so many awesome things you can do with a serger! Yes, they mainly work on the edges, but you are really only limited by your own imagination. They make decorative stitches on the edges and can make decorative stitching for the main body of heirloom items.

As Kiteman suggests, you could make the suggestion now, as you can edit any part of your thread here, even the title.

Thank you goodheart for your response too, about my question. This is a good bunch here, folks like to help each other out. mary ann

thank you kiteman......I've visited / lurked here for years, so enjoy everyone's talents in all fields. You've pointed me in the right direction.....thank you. mary ann

You could start a forum topic (which will give you an idea if other people agree with you), PM a member of staff (link), or send an email to <em>service@instructables.com</em>.

Since you've already started this topic, why not make the suggestion now?