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how do you teach your guinea pig tricks? Answered

I have a lazy guinea pig called Patches that loves eating but its hard teaching him tricks.

By the way I'll try and upload a picture of my guinea pig, he's called Patches for a reason :)


Almost any animal can be trained to do tricks or to litter box train, with the use of rewards. Use his favorite treat and simple, repetitive commands. Start by calling his name and hold out a treat until he comes to you, then reward him with a treat. For sitting up, hold a treat over his head and say "up" until he responds, then reward with a treat. Don't confuse him with too many "tricks" or change commands, and remember to give him a break from "training".

There are also some "related" instructables for training a guinea pig to do specific tricks. They can be found to the right. ---->

I don't believe that the purpose of guinea pigs is to do tricks.
A lot of people eat them...


I generally start with a flip-chart...

Here is a website that gives full detailed instructions on how to train a Guinea pig to do tricks.