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how do you winterize an inground swimming pool? Answered

I am trying to save some money here and would like to know how to winterize my in ground swimming pool. Can any one give me some advice?


From what I personally know and may not be correct for your region is to drain the pool; so only 1/2 or 1/3 or the water remains in the pool. Let the pump run to it gets out as much water as it can ( not longer than 30 seconds because the pump uses the water to cool it self) drain out your skimmer. Pour Plumbers antifreeze into the skimmer bucket and pump. Don't be cheap on the anti freeze, fill the pump up and let it drain into the lines and everything like that. It's cheap. Fixing your pool isn't. The reason why I have heard that you don't drain the pool all the way is because the frost will heave and the bottom of your pool will heave up. You can always talk to your local pool store where you buy your chemicals from and everything. They would probably be able to give you the best idea.

It also depends on the construction of the pool. Some want to be mostly emptied to keep the pressure of expanding ice from pushing outward and damaging them. Some want to be left full so that pressure balances the pressure of ice expanding in the surrounding ground.

It depends on your climate. If you live in a really cold area where there's a strong risk of more than the top two or three inches freezing, or if you get constant snowfall, you should drain the pool entirely and brace the walls with plywood and lumber (so that they do not cave in). If using this method, be sure to fence off the area to keep people and pets out of it. If you live in an warmer climate where only an inch or two of ice will form and you don't get much snow, a simple pool cover may suffice. There are winter and summer covers available on the market, as well as reversible models. If you choose to do this, drain the pool to about 3/4 full, disconnect the pump and drain any hoses/pipes. Brush away any snow and debris that builds up on the cover and again, keep the pool fenced off.