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how do you wrap the handle of a sword so you get the cool diamond pattern you see on katanas??? Answered



Try this...


very confusing, some $#!% about rice is less confusing than this one (i don't know what the f&ck the rice is about but it's cool

If you wait a few days I am making a instructable on how to make one.

there are a few different ways to get that look. http://pages.prodigy.net/tlbuck/tsuka/tsuka.htm is where i first learned how. it gives a good overview of a few different styles and finishing knots.
doing a Google search for Tsuka Maki will brink up a bunch of other sites and a few videos.

There are plenty of wraps for handles. the way I've seen is while wrapping diagonally with a webbed ribbon, at each wrap, give the ribbon a 180 twist, to give it a cross. Repeat ad nauseum.