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how does 1 make a chinese puzzle box? Answered

i would love to see as many diagrams and instructables as posible on this. one day i may create a safe room based on this idea.



7 years ago

hey, I'm making an instructable about that, it's not finished yet but I'm getting there.
pls leave a comment there

you will get more search results with "japanese puzzle box plans"


7 years ago

You can get plans right here. Some are free, others you have to pay for (but they're all inexpensive). Most are made of 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2" plywood. You'll need a scroll saw and drill press for most of them. I've built two from this site so far, they've both worked out well! Have fun!

Where did you find the webpage that shows all the search results? Can you tell me how?

.  I can't tell you how (haven't quite figured it out myself), but Youtube has a video for EVERYTHING, including finding search results.
.  IMNSHO, Al Gore should be canonized for inventing the Intertubez.

I just typed the words "puzzle box" in the search bar up top and got the same page Kiteman has here.

Can you please show me how to kid? (I was making a self-referencial joke about how people ask for the instructions to do things on an instruction website)...I routinely add the smarmy remarks to keep my quota of pseudo-trolling commentary in check. Seriously though; how do I click that orange text that says "Clicky"?