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how does a 10 year old make alot of money fast? Answered

my sister is trying 2 make from $100-$200 before summer this year and only has $70.


Start a Ponzi Scheme.
Make a list of things people need done that you can do, it's especially good if people don't like doing them. Next to the job list some people you think would need/want the service/item. Take the list to your parents to make sure they approve of what, and who, is on the list. They may even have some additional suggestions. With your parents help decide how much each item is worth, how much you are going to charge. Now go out, see if anyone wants your services, do the work, profit.

A way of keeping track of your saving is you could make a spread sheet in Excel and you have how many coins and bills you have. you write you goal money, and a picture ( for motivation). once you sett it up say you get a $ 10 bill you just add it in and it will do everything else. you can also make it so you can see how much more money you need. I know its confusing i could explain more if you would like.
and just keep saving!


6 years ago

Leave your sitter out of this,
try painting any style and sell what you don't want to keep.


This question has been asked before try searching to see some of the other ideas put forward.

1. She should ensure your parents know what she is doing and approve it.

2. Work at something that isn't going to cost a lot in setting up but people will pay for the service:

grass cutting and general garden tidying up
dog walking
pet minder
f etching shopping (possibly when your parents do their shop
making something and selling on ebay or Etsy simple colourful jewellery can work, look into paper beads., hand made cards,

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