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how does one build a electromagnetic blast device that knocks out electrical implants in the human body Answered

electrical implants were put into my body without my permission,they inflict pain at strategic points in the body there small enought to be inserted with a needle..can they be neutralize electronicly..dennis o'donnell,bright6eyes@verizon.net, #6317890140


Firstly, you need a more positive attitude.

Seriously, "Have a nice day,for I will never have one AGAIN" sounds completely defeatist. Pain is very much influenced by how much attention you give it. Millions of people who suffer from potentially painful chronic diseases continue to lead fulfilling lives. What better way to protest harrassment than to go on about your business with a smile?

I still have some doubts about the plausibility of your 'electrical' assumption.

If you were trying to use implants to inflict pain, I don't think electronic ones would be the way to go.

Obviously they can't hold sufficiently large batteries to do anything for long, so they would need to be powered by an antenna and an external microwave transmitter. This would make them vulnerable in two ways: First, as you say, they would be vulnerable to an EM pulse that overloaded the circuitry (assuming the person didn't mind some burns). Secondly, one could simply wear head-to-toe conductive cloth, cutting off any power transmissions.

No, if you were trying to use implants to inflict pain, electronics would be a weak link. Instead, you could simply use lumps of biocompatible material near joints and major nerves to cause pain by passively rubbing and pressing nerves as one moves. As any sufferer of arthritis can tell you, this is plenty painful in itself, no electricity needed.

Personally, I would prefer cdubnbird's theory of some sugeon leaving tools inside you over one involving specifically-designed implants. Don't waste time arguing about the surgeons' motives, just threaten to sue the crap out of that hospital for causing chronic pain.

Still, to address your original question, I would suggest asking it in a different way to get the best answer. Don't make any references to an EMP weapon when you ask. The Internet is loaded with stupid kids (and adults) who saw one on TV and thought it would be so cool to have one of their own. Most of them have no clue how difficult it is to remotely burn out electronics, and would probably kill themselves trying to build a high-voltage power supply.

What you need to do is ask the right question. You are trying to build a power supply that delivers as large a current as possible in the shortest possible time. Calculate the power requirements of the coil and pulse that you intend to use, then specifically ask some experts in high voltage power supplies about this.



Standard medical implants like pacemakers are designed to be reset with a magnet. Needle-sized chips are likely too small to have this function, though.

In response to your question, an EMP device is serious overkill for this purpose. You don't want to cook nerves while overloading the devices. An EMP device would probably by illegal in any case.

  • First, needle-sized implants are too small to have any significant battery life, so all power must come from an external source. So just don't lean up against any large microwave transmitters and you can sure that there are no needle-sized implants doing anything electronic.
  • Next, you need to get checked out by your doctor as soon as possible. Unregulated implants could lead to permanent scarring or nerve damage. But your doctor should have no trouble finding any implants on a CT or MRI scan and taking care of them. You need to get tested for blood-borne pathogens, too, if someone stuck you with a needle.
  • Finally, you need to bring the medical documentation to the police. Unliscensed people sticking unapproved medical devices in you, with or without permission is a serious problem. You don't want this happening to anyone else.

And by the way, I really would not share my email address like you have. Yours is all over the web by now. Use Mailinator instead.

I beg to differ but these implants were put in me by doctors of a reputable hospital ,during my heria operation back in April 2008.What I needed was someone who knows his way around a capacitor...I already have the plans but not the training to put the plans into a working device..also I had one that work but after prolong use it fizzly out.Most of these implants are only skin deep and I am hopeful that someone out there has a concern for my problem.For the record I am a T.I.(targeted individual). If you don't know what it is try looking it up on google also there are dozens of websites out there...Have a nice day,for I will never have one AGAIN...WOO6DY-(woody)

When you said electromagnetic pulse device worked, but fizzled out, I'm not sure I understand. Isn't it supposed to destroy itself in the process of destroying the surrounding electronics? And if it worked, why do you need another?

if you ever had one that worked you would have only needed to use it once. Electrical components that are knocked out my EMP pulses are permanently destroyed. secondly the largest needle is a gauge 7 which is 3.81 mm in diameter. The implant couldn't have enough power for you to feel it even if it were just one 3 mm capacitor. also get a metal detector or the wand metal detectors and wave it over your body when your in a place devoid of metal. if it makes a sound you have it and you can find out where exactly it is. if you do have an electrical implant you should see a doctor about it. Unfortunately surgeons often leave tools (because they are so small) inside people after surgery and they need to be removed. if you just wanted to know how to make an EMP just get a piece of steel or any other ferrous metal and then get some copper wire and wind it around the steel. then touch the ends to a battery. to make it more powerful add more electricity but be careful electricity can kill you.