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how does people invent a knex gun? Answered

how does people make a knex gun



I have mechanisms shooting around in my head. But putting them together in real life is quite hard. You've got to spend time on them to really make them good.
I make a wireframe of the gun I want to make, connect it together with connectors just so I have a strong frame. Then I fill in the part which I want to build stuff in with blue connectors because they look better than whites and are easier to take apart because there is a bend point (slightly).
I build the mechanisms, inner barrel, mag well, mag etc. first after the frame, and then I fill the rest in and add the top and bottom barriers. I just add them so it feels more realistic, and so that you can't see into the gun. I made them easy to take off so that you can if you want to. So:

  • Build a frame
  • Fill in some parts of the sides
  • Build in your mechanisms
  • Make sure it all works
  • Fill in the sides and add accessories
  • Finally, test it to see how reliable it is.
  • If it isn't reliable, try to find out why. Look at the shape of the mag, (if any), Look at the firing pin, and maybe take out one side of the frame and watch it fire to see what is happening.
  • Build more! =D

 o you wish gunpowder or some awesome new plastic force explosive ( one which would compress with force and explode, and it would have medium power but not enough to kill or injure) and it wouldn't break knex. Kinda like gunpowder when it was invented. Then semi-auto would be made and they would be as good as stock standard rifles/

 How does a person invent a knex gun?


How do people invent knex guns?

WEll you start with an idea. Then you try to make a mechanism, that will be a prototype. Then try to make the prototype run smoothly and see if you can make it smaller. When it is as good as you can make it, design a frame. A frame should hold the mechanism, have a mag ( unless it has the most power ever) and it should be original. Then integrate your prototype mechanism your latest one into the frame and test. Try to test at least 100 times and see what problems you have. If there are no problems, then post.

If there are problems you need to mod it by hanging pieces around and stuff. Eventually you will have an awesome mechanism which everyone will like.

I followed this every time and it doesn't work too well for me because I daydream about the newest mechanism. Don't think of too difficult ones. I used to have a semi-auto which could shoot at least 200 ft. The only problem was the pieces could not withstand the force of itself. So good luck.

I start with an idea. I develop the guns general features and mechanisms in my mind. I start drawing it out. I build test mechanisms and sections of the gun to see if critical parts will work. I build a frame. Then I build the most complex and likely to fail part of the gun. I get it firing as soon as possible to check if it will work, if it does, than I build the trigger. I then complete the structure. Next I work on performance issues. Then I build the extra features. Last, I fine tune it and improve it to its maximum potential.

Can somebody help me? -What the hell is a ramrod -same thing for the mag?


8 years ago

I discovered the art of gun making (unfamiliar with the interweb at the time) when I was 7. I used to make bow and arrows until one day the rubberband snapped. So I thought that if I make a 'rammer' for me to just push as a launching mech, then it would work. I discovered that it was more accurate this way and when I got a new band I attached it to the ram. My first 'gun' was a little thing with a block trigger. I was 12 when I found this site, and before then I had built snipers and Gatling guns too.

how I do it is mode guns I have made into a basic look of a gun the I then mode it till its perfect of good


9 years ago

I know English probably isn't your first language, but please try to use proper grammar and capitalization.

Well, you simply think of something you would like in a knex gun that no one has had before.

in the words of the great sir issac newton; invention is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent persiperation. what he is saying is when you have an idea you will work on it and 99 times out of100 it won't work, so you try again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. until it works, then you improve it one more time, and usually it does not work. so you revert it to the form before that, then it is good and it works.

we does it by doesing inovative ideas

i think Killer SafeCracker has the best answer

The best knex guns have some form of innovation. They usually start out with an innovative idea, then they build a gun around it. The result may need to be tested and tuned many times before it is finished.

What I would do is build several of the things here. And then use some of their ideas and add them to some frame. Over time you will get better. and make more original things. Many of my guns in the beginning weren’t any good but don’t get discouraged. Hope this helps.

well, many people start by researching a gun model on the web. when they find a suitable model, they start by making the frame. once they finish the frame, they start making the mechanism. this includes the ramrod, trigger, and barrel. hope this helps!!!! please vote this for best answer.