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how does the snail crawl into your home, without you touching it? Answered

Lately, I've ben having snails in my house, and I'm not sure how they get into my house, I live in Ky., and they are very bothersome to me.



You are leaving a door open or you have a hole somewhere that they are able to get thru.  Unless you're bringing them in on something. 

I once brought a snake in inside the newspaper.

Hey, maybe we could feed the snails to the snake... ? <smile/>


8 years ago

I have to second MahavishnuMan. I've seen that tactic in action, and it's highly effective.

Cook them in garlic butter.

Snails and slugs were always a problem when I lived in Kentucky.  I've found a good way to get rid of them was to leave a glass or bowl of beer near the door.  They simply can't resist beer, and who can blame them?  When they crawl in, they get drunk, fall in, and drown.  Be sure to change the beer daily until you no longer have a problem.

If you don't mind tracking them down, you can use salt to kill them instantly as mathews stated.  However, killing them with salt leaves a big snotty spot wherever they die (and it's a bit gross to watch).  Although I must admit, as a kid I got a sadistic kick out of seeing them writhe in agony.

Pets (particularly cats) love tracking stuff like that in.  The funny thing about cats is it's actually a big compliment to you if they kill something and bring it to you, as it is their way of pleasing you (and if your cat actually cares what you think, you must be doing something right).  If you scold the cat, they'll think the feat wasn't big enough and they'll work even harder at bringing you dead pests.  Instead, praise the cat and give them a treat - it should stop then.

Follow the trail they leave while travelling, then put a big pile of salt down where they are entering.

 Do you have a pet? Our cats used to manage to bring snails in, before they became real hunters and moved onto worms and newts.

maybe u have a pond in ur house??? idk thats kinda a weird pest problem.... snails are cute tho so don't kill them o.O 

A snail is just a slug with a shell... but yeah, it's amazing how much nicer the shell makes them look.

I'm a firm believer in "just toss it back outside."