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how does windex work? Answered

how do the chemicals make it work?



3 years ago


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I believe windex is alcohol based, Which evaporates very quickly leaving no smears or marks. Alcohol is also a great cleaner that can remove dirt also instantly with little effort.

I know this is from 5 years ago, but Joe Martin is absolutely wrong. It is ammonia based.

thankyou soooo much! uve saved me from failing my science!!!!!

It uses ethanol to disinfect and then alcohol to remove dirt/odour. There is many more ingredients to Lysol but those are main ones. It seems very similar to "Dettol" which is one of the No1 brands of anti bacterial cleaners here in the UK. And good luck in your science exams too!

Also when I worked as a science technician we used meths (Which I'm sure you use in many lessons) which is an alcohol to clean a lot of things, from the photocopier glass (No smears) to getting rid of sticky labels. (P.S. Any chance of best answer ;-) )