how dow i make led's flash with my guitar's output? Answered


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I want to install some RGB LED's on my guitar so that they will flash as i play. The guitar's output ( around .1 volts AC) isn't enough to power the LED's. I tried using a Lm386 OP amp to amplify the signal, but it had a constant output and the LED was always on.


Here's one on steroids ....

What you are looking for is a "color organ" or "light organ". Google that and pick from what you need.

There are too many variations for me to choose one for you.

Well there are others. Or you could just google "color organ". Some of them are very simple just to run a few leds.

i looked it up and that's not what i'm doing the color blending i designd is working, its the flashing that isn't

Sounds exactly like what you are trying to do to me. Please restate what you want to do.

I control the color changes through potentiometers. That part works fine. I 'm having trouble with the the lights being on all of the time

If they stay on all the time then either something has locked your amp full on or the gain is set so high that it's output never drops below the led shutoff.