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how easy is it to make a hho cell for your car or truck? Answered

i know that using a electrified cell you can separate the hydrogen molecule from the oxygen to produce a more concentrated mixture for combustion, is this simple enough or safe enought for a hack to do???


What a coincidence - I've just been watching the episode of Mythbusters where they examine the effect of "hho" devices on fuel consumption.


HHO devices decrease the mileage you get from your fuel. They had better results switching from diesel to filtered frying fat.

I have seen the mythbusters episode that your speaking of if you pay attention when they try to start the car with the hho generator isn working there are a couple of bubbles but nothing like an operational hho generator. when you first hook up an hho generator you will notice great mpg gains but unless you have a map /maf sensor adjustment device(available on ebay) the computer will adjust for the extra fuel and you will get just about the same milage as before or sometimes worse

It has nothing to do with a computer, either they did not use baking soda or they unplugged it.

They used an old car - no computer to adjust for anything.

I wasnt refering to the computer on the mythbusters car I realize that it is older and has no computer adjustment I was refering to newer cars Iwas simply saying that the hho generator that was being used was not operating

an operational hho generator will fizz like someone dropped an alkeseltzer in it and it also nees a catalyst such as baking soda if distilled water is not used

Yes, it was operating, and can we please use the scientifically and technically correct term of "electrolysis unit"? There is no such thing as "HHO".

watch the episode again it was far from working anyone who has whitnessed the process first hand knows that there is much more reaction from a working unit

Mate, argue away as much as you like, but the facts don't change - electrolysis units have, at best, no effect on the efficiency of an IC engine.

People who have reported increased mileage have not provided proper "before and after" documentation, and even reported increases are no more than what would be seen after a decent service of an engine, or a little extra care when driving.

I will agree those who just strap this unit on a car with no sensor adjustment see no long term gain in milage because the computer will always compensate as it is desighned to do


That is not what I said, so you cannot agree to it.

Please re-read what I posted, then, if you disagree with it, provide reliable evidence to support your position.

hhocarfuelcell.blogspot.com is the place where I have gotten alot of info its worth the read

I doubt that you could build one big enough to supply it on the fly. Your power supply would be bigger than the vehicle you're powering.

You can build a hho generator that will allow you to supply it on the fly for a small car you only need a vessel the size of a mason or ball jar if you want to run larger you can go larger mine is the size of a large car battery

That's hard to believe. Can you show me your plans or some documentation?

Its a 12x8x6 box only 10 inches of the box is actually used for generation of the hho the rest of the box is a builtin bubbler I am still in the building phase but my testing has yeilded 5 liters of hho per min that is a rough estimate I have yet to get a proper flow meter I filled a liter bottle in just over 12 seconds so I rounded it off. I hope to have a proper flow meter soon so I can measure it properly.I have seen plenty of vessels about the size of mine that have yeilded between 45 and 55 % better gas milage . the only thing that the hho is doing is ensuring a more complete and faster burn of the fuel in the cylinder allowing the engine to do more work from the fuel put into the cylinder thus you use less fuel but the thing is you need a map or maf censor adjustment device or the cars computer system will correct and you will get the same milage as you started with

.  Easy to build? I've never built one, but from what I've seen and read, it's not at all difficult.
.  Safe to operate? Hydrogen, in the quantities needed to drive a car, is dangerous. Large quantities of Hydrogen and Oxygen together is just insanity.

This easy. You probably want to try doing some research on Web sites not published by proponents of these products, so you can judge for yourself whether or not it is a scam.