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how easy or hard is the mapp gas process for melting gold? Answered


  what type of torch head is used what type of mapp gas they don,t sell true mapp gas anymore



Work out the maximum flame temperature from alternatives. Oxy-propane Oxy-hydrogen Oxy-methane, whatever.

Use a flux like Borax to prevent surface fouling of your refined materials. You can also use Sulfuric acid to remove pesky carbon buildup.

In most cases that build up is caused by impurities.


4 years ago

Newer Map/ Pro products are not much hotter then conventional Butane fuel and won't reach the 1900+F required to melt 24 Karat gold. So a torch required to melt brass would be insufficient since alloys such as brass have a lower melting point. about 1700 degs F

BernzOmatic Makes a Small OXY/ACET in With a rose bud tip, Those cost around 60 USD and are sold at Home Depot. I would recommend using one of those if you plan on using a melting dish.

No matter what gas you use your almost certainly going to require:

1. Some added forced air or Oxygen to make it burn more completely and raise the heat available (incomplete burning is where the black carbon residue cmes from)

2. Some kind of thermal enclosure to keep the heat in the require place.

3. A good crucible - Either ceramic or graphite.

4. A torch with a large enough flame to release the sort of heat you require for the amounts of gold your trying to melt.

This site may help you

You can brase with map so yes it will melt gold.

It is more the torch than the gas you want the jet torch or the oxy torch.

With flakes like the gold plating from electronics do not put the flame on the gold directly as in the video apply the heat to the crucible.

There is a faster way to melt the gold if it is gold dust or flakes, carbon rods and an ark welder.

The electrical current bonds the small bits together.