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how fast are your reflexes? Answered

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my fastest average was 0.156 seconds
I usually get around 0.21 seconds

how about you?

BTW the average person's reflexes is 0.25 seconds for those people wandering if their reflexes are faster or slower than an average person.


what?!?! I got sluggish snail!

bobbing bobcat. But i hate this game, it's annoying, because the sheep make too much noise... :-/

avg, .2274, bobbing bobcat :D

I have gotten Rocketing Rabbit twice. And Twice I got .ooo. However I won't mention how many sluggish snails it took to get where I am today. I just got .1852 average! Keep in mind that my house if FREEZING! and so fingers are a bit stiff!

What ack? The family that Makes together, um...er...rakes? stakes? bakes?.. well, something or other together!

yes put jacket on and I bet you jumped the gun and some how did it at the right time .

fastest for me was o.ooo

Hhahaha. Welcome to Instructables Lil' Skunk!

I got a 0.00, but I really had jumped the gun. I guess we just got lucky.

Oh yeah. It's real. You'll notice, he's a texter. He punctuates poorly, almost never capitalizes, and spells questionably. You'd think his teacher (Mrs. Skunkbait) could break him of it!

Doof!! I was in the lead with .102.... Trust a chap running around with guns to be faster...

I'm a bobbing bobcat.

I've gotten better. About an hour ago, I averaged .1498! Maybe you're suddenly hitting middle-age.

. That happened several years ago. Maybe I'm finally hitting old-age.

My average was 0.228. In some of my other tries I was a bit too tranquilizer happy...


9 years ago

First try .8 (oops! I imagined a running sheep)
Second .212
Third .2048

I'm slow... =]

.102 fastest .178 average If I was pumped with adrenaline, and not cold fingers on a slow mac mouse (blegh) I'd do better...

.198s But I tried a couple of times. I jumped the gun once and it shoved me up into the .81 area.

.171 fastest .221 avg