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how i can duplicate a sim card? Answered

I would  like to have my number at home, but sometime I need to keep it with me in the job, but anyway my family need that number at home.



Do you want to just dupe the information (address book, etc) or the full functionality (use 2 phones on one account)

google 'how to clone a sim card'.

as others say, its illegal/contravenes the TOS of everything...

it is possible with fairly simple equipment - the hard part is breaking the encryption. 

It's called spoofing and is likely illegal in your country, or at the very least it'll be forbidden by your provider. 

The detailed answer to your question isn't suitable for instructables.

You can't.

Some cellphone companies can put multiple phones on a single account. I don't know of any which will put multiple phones on a single _number_, but you can probably set up forwarding so incoming calls go to a specific phone while either can make outgoing calls.

Talk to your provider. If they can't do it, talk to other providers.